2021 Swag Trends for Companies

Statistics say that this 2021 we are going to have a more remote workforce than ever. Many companies achieved productivity and have even risen during lockdowns in 2020. So there probably would be an opportunity to work part-time at the office and part-time at home at least for the first half of the year. Let's... Continue Reading →

Best Swag Ideas for the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is the perfect time to show your staff, employees, and coworkers how much you have appreciated their work throughout the year.  In these difficult times, we all need support and appreciation, especially if your company keeps working from home.  There are a lot of company swag ideas that will be marvelous options... Continue Reading →

How to Build Up Self-Confidence at Work

Do you worry when thinking of making a mistake at work? Maybe you fear about getting something wrong or upsetting a colleague with honest feedback. It is normal to feel this way, but a lack of self-confidence could hold you back in your workplace and limit you from reaching your full potential.  It is not... Continue Reading →

Five Things You Can Do to Be a More Inclusive Leader

What is Inclusive leadership? First of all, let's dive into fully understanding what inclusive leadership is. It is about creating a workplace environment in which all your team members feel empowered to contribute and feel safe to be themselves. It means demonstrating empathy, increasing cultural and emotional intelligence, and establishing a culture that values diverse... Continue Reading →

Great Companies #StandingTogether

Over the past weeks, the United States has been moved by the profound injustices rooted within our system that have continued to end the lives of Black Americans, like George Floyd. It is not only our position, but our responsibility to take a firm, public posture against brutality, against racism, and against all forms of... Continue Reading →

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