Returning to work resources and best practices

After a year of isolation due to the covid 19 pandemic and finally getting vaccines, several companies are deciding to return to their workspace.  However, returning employees to the workplace after all of these pandemic changes won’t be easy. It requires a strategic plan with visibility, adaptability, and collaboration of every team member.  The details... Continue Reading →

The ultimate guide to increase employee productivity

One of the most important factors for companies is workforce productivity. For some years now, it has become the main focus.  Motivating employees can sound quite challenging, as there are many distractions in every employee's workspace and head that can cause your team to lose their concentration and reduce their productivity.  Introducing the right changes... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide for Sending Gifts to Coworkers

Showing appreciation and recognition to coworkers it’s essential for a motivating work environment.  Each company has its own rules and ways of recognizing employees' good work. Some seek to use words of encouragement, some give bonuses for achievements, and others look for physical gifts that make coworkers feel proud of their excellent work performance.  However,... Continue Reading →

10 Best Company Swag Ideas Employees Will Love

Giving a company swag idea to your employees is becoming extremely popular.  And it’s quite logical because it contributes immeasurably to company culture helping the collaborators feel a sense of belonging to the company.  There are abounding kinds of swag items. But those who are genuinely authentic and creative gift ideas are the ones that... Continue Reading →

Build your Company Culture Through Swag

Having a great company culture isn’t an option anymore.  Today, workers are not only looking for a place where they can perform their profession. They are looking for a job that offers additional benefits and an excellent corporate culture.  However, it’s also true that a culture that works for one business might not work for... Continue Reading →

Fun Team Building Activities for Valentine’s Day

Team building in the workplace can help a team create bonds and work together towards a common goal.  Even the strongest teams can benefit from team building activities. They’re a perfect way to improve communication, motivation, productivity, getting to know the team personalities, morale, and learning about the strengths and weaknesses of every team member. ... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day swag ideas for employees

Valentine’s Day is a special festivity to bring love and joy to all of your co-workers and colleagues. The good vibe and the feeling of togetherness are felt everywhere you go.  Family, friends, and lovebirds take advantage of this date to surprise their loved ones with details. However, this is also an excellent opportunity to... Continue Reading →

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