Company Swag Ideas for Summer

Get the best company swag ideas to give your company culture a boost! Well-thought-out swag items are great for welcoming new employees, promoting company culture, and celebrating your teams.

Make everyone feel part of the tribe by regularly sending out cool and usable items to your teams. People will perform better when they share a sense of pride in their company, projects, and accomplishments.

Make your teams’ every day more exciting by being thoughtful about the items you choose to send out. Seasons change, and so do your employees’ activities and whereabouts, so keep in mind that the stuff you gave them last Christmas isn’t going to cut in anymore. Summer is here, and so is Swagpack’s summer selection.

Send your team the best company swag ideas to wear and use this summer!

Must-have summer swag items

In case you were wondering, what is the most popular swag for summer? At Swagpack, we have incredible summer swag ideas at your disposal! It’s all about making corporate swag attractive to wear and use. 

It all depends on how you intend your colleagues to use your company swag items. But, summer is definitely the perfect time of year to treat your colleagues to new and trendy swag apparel and accessories.

Check out our top summer selection and determine which products you consider will click more with your employees’ summer plans and lifestyles.

Travel swag kit

Now that we’re ready to experience the world once again, travel swag will be your team’s favorite. So let them flex on the amazing company culture you’ve built while they’re globetrotting non-stop.

1. Port Authority ® Honeycomb Sling Pack

The ultimate swag backpack! A custom branded sling pack like this one will see the whole world this summer. Definitely, a convenient way to carry all your team’s belongings when on a mountain hike or when sightseeing. 

Man wearing a sling pack over his shoulder.
Sling packs are perfect for hot weather because they let our backs breathe.

2. 20oz Tumbler

Keep your team hydrated with their favorite chilled drink. Made out of stainless steel, this custom travel mug will keep your team’s lemonades cool while heading to their next destination. Support them on their journey to appease their wanderlust. 

Stainless steel custom branded travel mug placed over a wooden counter.
Have your favorite summer beverage on the go! A custom travel mug adapts to your every move.

3. Jerzees Zip Front Hoodie

Wearables are always the top choice amongst employees. A lightweight jacket is a favorite when traveling. A zippable hoodie will keep your team safe from airplane ACs and a top pick for chili-night summer walks.

Summer swag apparel. Man wearing a corporate branded zip-front hoodie.
Zip hoodies never really go out of style, plus they’re a great outerwear piece for travelers!

Outdoor workout swag items

Getting fresh air should be a priority; it’s essential for your employees’ well-being. Get swag items that can be worn and used outside for workout and recreation purposes. Healthy colleagues are the best colleagues!

4. Neck Gaiter

To stay productive, your team needs to stay physically active. So throw in a custom neck gaiter on your summer swag selection. This product is one of the most underrated, but trust us when we say they’ll be used again and again again. 

Man wearing a custom branded neck gaiter to protect neck against sun exposure or cold temperatures.
Neck gaiters are great for maintaining body temperature, especially when on early morning runs.

5. Port Authority Brushed Twill Cap

Playing beach volleyball with the sun in your face is just inconvenient. Instead, offer your team some extra sun protection so they can practice their favorite outdoor activities carefree. Your custom branded twill caps will star this summer!

Man facing backward wearing a sturdy and durable brushed twill cap.
Must-have swag item! A custom cap will be worn sunrise after sunrise.

6. Yoga Mat – 24×70

Breathe in, breathe out. Promote your team’s well-being with cool workout items. Yoga mats are quite versatile. You can use them to work out, meditate, or just lay on them to unwind after a long day’s work.

Woman stretching over a custom branded yoga mat, great workout swag to exercise with and unwind.
A custom yoga mat is excellent for outdoor meditations and workout sessions.

Summer swag party combo

Long-awaited get-togethers are happening once again! Gather party-friendly swag for everyone to have a fantastic time. Social inclusion is vital for thriving company culture. Let the celebrations begin!

7. 16oz Pint Glass

Once work is done, it’s time to refresh. A set of pint glasses is guaranteed to turn into the most-used drinkware at home or outdoors. This set is a no-brainer for summer, especially if teams are getting together for the first time in a very, very long time.

Man holding a custom branded pint glass with ice-cool soda. Party-swag worthy.
Refreshing! Summer swag has never been so convenient!

8. Liberty Bags Cotton Drawstring Backpack

No swag gets left behind. There’s a swag backpack for everyone, and some of your team members will prefer to go more on the lightweight spectrum. You can take this collapsible drawstring bag anywhere inside another bag for when it’s needed.

Woman holding a drawstring backpack with company logo.The ultimate swag backpack.
No matter where your team goes this summer, this drawstring backpack will never let them down.

The summer onboarding selection

Graduate season equals new hires. Thousands will be joining the workplace in the following months. Make them feel welcome upon their arrival. It’s up to you to make an excellent first impression because they’ll be judging from the moment they join your company.

9. Custom NoteBook Black B5

When learning new things, it’s helpful to have a pen and paper handy. Some suggest writing things down is better than typing. New hires will need somewhere to land all the new info that’s being thrown at them.

Woman holding a custom-branded notebook for summer new hires. Company swag ideas for summer.
New job, new everything. A notebook will surely come in handy for your new colleague to get settled.

10. Color-Changing Beverage Mug

Morning coffee is a non-negotiable, especially among new hires. These thermo-sensitive mugs will never ever be boring. It’s the perfect twist to the average custom branded mug. Of course, the newbies have to stick to their A-game when navigating their new workplace.

Summer swag color-changing coffee mug placed over a closed book on a wooden desk.
Swag mugs are unskippable. But a color-changing mug? That’s a whole other new level!

11. American Apparel T-Shirt

Company branded t-shirts are the best! Of course, you cannot go without a classic tee; It’s the perfect uniform outfit for your colleagues who don’t really feel like dressing up. Make new hires feel welcome and part of your team from day one!

Man sitting on the floor drinking coffee, wearing a custom branded t-shirt from his summer swag collection!
A custom t-shirt is the ultimate summer staple to add to your new hires’ swag box!

Get the best swag for your team this summer

Now that you know the best company swag ideas for this season, it’s time to upload your logo and create your most incredible swag to date! 

So, tell us, what are your top swag products for this season? Leave your response in the comments.

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