How to Create an Inclusive Space for Working Parents

Being a working parent has never been easy. 

All over the world, mothers and fathers struggle every day to balance their careers with their personal lives to spend enough time with their families and achieve their career goals. 

One of the most sought-after qualities among employees when looking for a job is having inclusion in the workplace. Building a parent-friendly workplace means happier employees, better recruitment, and more productivity.  

When companies choose to care for parents, the work culture becomes closer and more valuable to employees. This kind of inclusive workplace practice leads employees to bring their whole selves to work, reflecting higher satisfaction and productivity. 

Mom working from home with her child using her benefits of working parents.
Inclusive spaces for working parents

Here are some ideas for your company to create a healthy work environment for the working parents of your office: 

Before any move, start with the facts 

Before developing any program in your office, you must gather the information you need to know: How many employees are parents? What are their positions? What is their current situation?

Gathering this information will not only give you great ideas on what programs you can implement, but it will also bring you closer to your employees by learning more about their personal lives. 

Knowing your starting point can help you bring the most effective solutions to your company. 

Offer flexible days 

Since the pandemic, the world we work in has changed from remote work to virtual teams and more vacation time. That’s why creating a flexible schedule for working parents shouldn’t be something difficult to achieve. 

Parenting tends to be unpredictable, and a traditional 8-hour job is not something a parent can quickly adapt to. 

Try offering: 

  • Work from home days 
  • Relaxed hours where parents can attend to their necessities as long as they get their stuff done and meet the deadlines
  • Plan meetings and reunions at appropriate times considering working parents schedules

Create a supportive, family-friendly culture

Flexibility and inclusion must begin to permeate the culture of your business. 

Giving parents and parents-to-be the assurance that everyone in the company understands their needs creates a strong stress-free culture and sense of belonging. 

Create special channels for parents to pass on tips, share their experiences, photos, organize special events with families, festivities, among others. There are a million things you can do to promote the family culture in your company! 

Business team talking about the family-friendly culture concept
Create a family-friendly culture

Practice space, empathy and generosity 

Coworkers without kids should understand the difference between the responsibilities of every team member inside and outside the workplace. 

Creating a space where you can respect differences, listen to perspectives, and above all, be empathetic will help working parents feel included and identified with the company’s values. 

Start by creating supportive spaces among team members, perhaps having monthly team sessions that help unify all personalities or team-building activities to understand each other better and develop empathy more naturally. 

Set a visible example 

No policy or culture will be effective if it is not visible to everyone. 

Motivate and support the working parents by showing them the example of leaders who have photos of their family on their desks, who leave early once a month for some father’s duties, talk about their kids’ activities, among other things. 

The best way to send a powerful message is by showing your coworkers they can do it too!

Mother working with her daughter setting a visible example as a working parent.
Set a visible example as a working parent

Building a parent-friendly workplace allows your business to compete for top talent. 

Every working parent deserves support, acceptance, and inclusive spaces. Be part of the change, listen to your employees, and become the best option for your team. 

If you are interested in creating a top inclusive workplace, you can also read 6 Powerful Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace.

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