6 Powerful Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace

Today, one of the main requirements that employees look for as part of their ideal job is an inclusive workplace. 

The inclusion in the workplace concept speaks much more than accepting employees of different ethnicities, cultures, ages, or genders. Instead, it is about creating a space where humility, equality, and humanity are present in every position and place in the company. 

4 employees of different cultures working together at an inclusive workplace
Creating an inclusive workplace

How important is workplace diversity?

Developing an inclusive culture is a challenge since every team member must feel supported, included, and listened to at all times. Recent studies have shown that those companies with more diversity and inclusiveness have had 25% higher profitability in their businesses

Did you know that more than a third of the companies still have no women at all on their executive teams? 

Adapting to change is one of the best ways to achieve business success. And building an inclusive workplace will ensure your employees have a stellar experience. 

If you are wondering how to be more inclusive at work, check here eight ways to build an inclusion strategy for your business that will genuinely work: 

Educate your leaders

Leaders, executives, and managers are fundamental to promote an inclusive workspace culture. They are on the front line of the business and act as a bridge between employees and the organizational culture. 

Therefore, they must be the first to be educated and instructed to cultivate and develop an inclusive culture. 

Create new policies

It is necessary to add new policies at your workplace to develop a new culture. Start adding some new policies like:

  • Equal wages for men and women
  • Celebrate all types of holidays from different cultures
  • Facilitate your hiring process including candidates with different ages, ethnicities, and cultures

Celebrate differences

To show your employees that you respect their traditions, beliefs, and important dates, you can invite them to share them in the workplace. 

Inclusion’s what connects people to the business, and it’s one of the core reasons why an employee decides to stay.

Some activities that you can implement are:

  • Share the lunch day: Enhance everyone to bring an exceptional traditional food
  • Recognize days to celebrate the communities like Black History Month or Pride Month
  • Create unique swag packages for every celebration
Employees celebrating differences at an inclusive workplace
How to be more inclusive at work? Celebrating the differences

Introduce you inclusion culture at onboarding 

The best way to start developing a culture of inclusion in your company is to do it from your employees’ first day on the job. 

Promoting and teaching inclusion at the onboarding manual ensures everyone that every new hire is now at a free and safe place for every gender, race, culture, disability, for everyone!

Remember that pronouns matter

When people are not respected for their identity, inclusion is meaningless. 

Once a new hire enters the office, ask them how they want to be referred to. 

This way, you will avoid future stress and identity crisis in other teammates, and also, you will make your company pronoun-friendly.

Measure the progress and communicate it

Once you have determined the changes your company needs to become an inclusive and friendly space, measure the results.

Start with:

  • Surveying the inclusion process
  • Identify situations that are uncomfortable or need to be modified 
  • Measure progress based on employee productivity and satisfaction

Diversity in the office makes the best teams. However, building an inclusive workplace helps people connect and makes them choose to stay with a company or leave.

An inclusive culture at work allows all people to thrive, regardless of background, identity, or circumstances. Let your team continue growing in a generous and safe space, and you will soon see excellent results! 

To continue learning more about creating inclusive spaces, read more about How to Create an Inclusive Space for Working Parents here.

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