New Trending Company Swag Ideas your Team Will Love

When was the last time you gave your company members a cool company swag

Nowadays, many companies are losing the opportunity that gifting a swag provides to their company. 

Giving high-quality swag gifts help you to engage with employees, clients, and even prospects. It allows you to build meaningful relationships, create unique experiences, and encourage team building and a sense of belonging to the company.

Employees love swag kits. 

And let’s face it, what better way to advertise your brand than with your collaborators? Promotional items create an essential bond to show that you care about your employees professionally and in their quality of life outside your company. 

Women choosing trending company swag ideas for her employees
Trending company swag ideas

Our swag experts have now added new incredible products for you to upload to your store. Remember that being selective about what swag you choose will help you connect with your team and not just throw money away. 

Encourage your team’s work-life balance by adding some of these employee swag ideas that promote the time inside and outside the office:

  1. Baby Powder Organic Short Sleeve One Piece

Office babies can also look in keeping with the company’s style and personality. 

Let your baby or toddler dress comfy for both sleep and play with our cute baby onesies made 100% of organic cotton. 

  1. Unisex Sweatpants

Are you trying to implement a healthier lifestyle in your office? 

Exercise goes hand in hand with health. That’s why we’ve added these new soft and comfy sweatpants, which are ideal for practicing yoga or resting comfortably. 

  1. 16.9oz Contour Vacuum Bottle

Big adventures need strong bottles, and our Vacuum Bottle is the perfect ally for keeping your beverages safe!

Best of all, you can carry this bottle anywhere, and it is effortless to transport. This way, your company will accompany its employees at every step they make. 

  1. Custom NoteBook Black B5

We know that most of the tools are now advanced technology devices where it is much easier to have everything you need, such as a notepad on your phone. 

However, there are still those who prefer to develop their ideas on paper. For all of them, we add this notebook. 

Icon graphic image of two workers choosing their swag
The best company swag ideas for employees
  1. Woven Rug 37×22.5

Are you looking for a new definition of company swag? 

Complete the decor of your office or any space in your home with our favorite woven rug. 

It is ideal to complement an area that you need to highlight! 

  1. Port Authority Silk Touch Long Sleeve Polo

Our Silk Touch polo is soft, supple, and comfortable.

This t-shirt is perfect for looking for a formal, casual look for a day at the office. It may become the new favorite Friday item.  

  1. Port Authority ® Honeycomb Sling Pack

To top it all off, we also added a new backpack design perfect for those employees who enjoy being on the move every day. The honeycomb sling pack is light, flexible, and perfect for taking everywhere you need to go. 

Now that you know the best gifts to give to your employees, add your favorites to your online store and let everyone choose their favorite. 

Remember that you can make all the changes you prefer by adding products according to the seasonality or special occasions. 

Surprise your team with a swag they will love! 

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