10 Awesome Last-Minute Gifts for Employees

There are plenty of opportunities to surprise your coworkers with unique gifts for employees from holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries, onboarding surprises, or thank them for the great work they make every day at the office. 

Showing appreciation and recognition to the people you work with is essential for building strong business relationships and fostering a positive work environment. 

The truth is that everyone loves surprises, especially if they come with something they love, like a coffee mug to prepare their favorite drink before work or a sweatshirt for chilly mornings after working out.  

We know it’s not easy to learn what each employee would like to receive on every occasion. That’s why, if you forgot a particular date and need to get a last-minute gift, we have the best ideas for you along with something that can’t go wrong: making your team choose their own swag. 

But, we know you are wondering: What are the best gifts for employees? 

Icon graphic of people at an office giving gifts to employees
 Last-minute gifts for employees

By creating your Swagpack store, you can let each employee choose what they like the most, even if it’s a last-minute item. 

These are the 10 must-have items that can’t be missing in your last-minute gift ideas for your employees: 

  1. Classic T-shirt

Classic t-shirts are simple and perfect for any occasion. Your employee can decide when to wear it, whether to work, to spend a Sunday at home, or to exercise. 

It never hurts to have an extra shirt in your closet. That’s a fact.  

  1. Long Sleeve-T

Mornings tend to be cold in most cities throughout the year. That’s why having a long sleeve t-shirt in your store will always be an excellent gift selection. 

  1. Hoodie

Using a soft hoodie when you don’t feel like thinking about what to wear it’s an excellent idea for many coworkers. 

Hoodies are perfect as last-minute gifts

  1. Fleece Jacket

People who love to stay warm while being comfortable will love to choose a fleece jacket as their onboarding gift. 

  1. Cap

Caps never go out of style and are perfect items to give as gifts to office colleagues. 

Add your logo on it, and share it with your colleagues. 

Man opening a gift at his office.
The best gift ideas for employees
  1. Tote bag

If you promote an ecological space and care for nature within your company’s work culture, these tote bags will reinforce this idea with style.  

  1. Backpack

If your office uses to work some days from home and others at the office, your workers need to transport their work equipment safely. Gifting a backpack will be the best option to do this. 

  1. Notebook

We know that most things have become automated, and we can even find a notebook on our computer. However, there are still people who prefer to continue writing their notes by hand. Encourage creativity by adding them to your swag store! 

  1. Tumbler

To further promote the culture of using fewer plastic bottles, you can choose to offer tumblers. 

These will not only keep drinks hot or cold but will also create a sense of belonging between your employee and the company. 

  1. Contour Vacuum Bottle

These bottles are one of our new acquisitions for your store that are perfect for always carrying water everywhere you go. 

Implementing a healthy culture in your employees will make them feel appreciated and cared for by the company. 

With so many things to do in the office, it’s expected that you don’t have time to choose your employees’ gifts for every temporality.

Swagpack does it for you. You simply add some of these last-minute gift ideas to your online store, and we take care of the rest. 

Learn more about the perfect gifts for your employees at: The ultimate guide for sending gifts to coworkers.

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