The ultimate guide to increase employee productivity

One of the most important factors for companies is workforce productivity. For some years now, it has become the main focus. 

Motivating employees can sound quite challenging, as there are many distractions in every employee’s workspace and head that can cause your team to lose their concentration and reduce their productivity. 

Introducing the right changes and ideas into your work environment and organizational culture can completely transform a team. The key is knowing how to do it.  

Icon graphic image of people talking and increasing their productivity
Increasing employee productivity

What is employee productivity? 

Employee productivity shows how effective and efficient your team is in their work hours. It isn’t just about “getting stuff done.” It includes what they produce, the use of their time, and the quality of their job. 

It focuses on the right things at the correct times. That means your employees will only focus on the results your company wants with a little wasted effort. 

Before you create a productivity strategy, you need to understand your collaborators’ methods and challenges. 

Many things can affect your team’s productivity, like a global pandemic, personality, work environment, health, team motivation, company culture, workflow, and process. Some of these options, such as a pandemic, cannot be controlled. However some other things, such as work culture, work processes, and even mental health in which you can create an effective strategy. 

Did you know that over 61% of employees have reported that they burn out with their current job tasks? High levels of stress mainly accompany this, and yes, the pressure is terrible for productivity. 

Here are some key strategies that can help your teammates to increase their productivity:

  1. Offer employee wellness programs 

Having a mental health program can give your employees the resources to set personal goals. Good health goes hand in hand with productivity, so you can offer: 

  • Morning workouts, mindfulness exercises, or a morning yoga class 
  • Health webinars with different approaches 
  • Get your team together to participate in a running race or obstacle course
  • Promote a work-life balance by setting work communication rules 

Every employee will choose to participate in these activities, but remember that a leader always sets an example! 

  1. Create a strategic workflow 

Inefficient workflows are a waste of time. 

If your employees spend more time figuring out where to find the right documents or how to do their job, there is something wrong with your team. 

Remember to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Create documentation with processes
  • Keep your documents up to date 
  • Emphasize quality over quantity
Women working in her computer organizing their work schedule.
How to increase productivity
  1. A healthy and confident work environment 

The workspace can help your team to be more productive or harder to get work done. Here are some ideas to boost your productivity through work environment:

  • Comfortable furniture: Remember that your team works at least 8 hours a day in the same chair. A backache pain is definitely a distraction. 
  • Include natural lighting: It helps boost moods and productivity avoiding eye strain.
  • Create a silent space: For those who need to have uninterrupted work, meditate, or recharge themselves.
  1. Create employee engagement 

Your company’s best thing to ensure their collaborators’ productivity is to know that they are working happy, motivated, and engaged with their work. 

An engaged employee will be more productive and create a better work environment. You can build a happier workforce by:

  • Recognizing employees when they have done an excellent job 
  • Giving continuous feedback 
  • Involving employees in important decisions and company challenges. 
  • Ask for opinions and suggestions frequently
  • Create a sense of belonging with a swag that reflects your company values.

Investing time in making your employees feel comfortable and confident in your company is a worthwhile investment. Remember that health, comfort, and the workspace environment are some of the determining factors in your coworkers’ development and growth. 

Happier teams can help employees be productive! 

Do you have any more tips to increase your employees’ performance? We’ll love to hear about them! Don’t forget to keep building your company culture with some of these tips: Build your company culture through swag.

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