10 best tips for achieving work-life balance

Balance is the key to a healthy life. However, balancing your professional life with your personal life is quite challenging but still essential. 

Every employee must split their time and energy between work and personal time under the same ratio. But, we know that it’s tough to make time for family, going out with friends, self-care, exercising, participating in your community, spirituality, and any other personal activity, in addition to attending to the demands of your work. 

Sounds exhausting, right? 

With IT’s arrival and a connection everywhere you go, the standard work schedule has now become longer than the usual office hours.

However, having a work-life balance, it’s not just about leaving and arriving at an hour to work. It’s about prioritizing actions as their importance. 

A workplace that enables collaborators to achieve that balance is motivating and joyful. Happy employees mean better productivity and a more extended stay with their employer. 

 Women meditating before working.
Achieving work-life balance

Here are ten best tips to create a better work-life balance in your workplace, as well as being a supportive manager: 

  1. Accept that there’s no perfect balance 

Stop trying to create the perfect schedule. Some days, your team might focus more on their work, and some others will save their energy for their hobbies or friends. Balance is achieved over time, so be patient.  

  1. Taking time off between work 

Job stress is prevalent in all workers, and the perfect way to reduce it is by physical movements like a short walk or a 15-minute meditation. Encourage your employees to enjoy a few minutes between working hours so they can continue to perform well afterward. 

  1. Build the work employees will love 

Everyone’s career should be exciting and fun. If your employees don’t love what they do, no matter how much you keep giving them the best benefits and work environment, they won’t be able to flow with their work by feeling stable. 

Create the ideal work environment in which you would like to work as a manager, and those who feel comfortable are the ones who will belong to your team for a more extended time. 

  1. Create the appropriate daily planning

We know that you can’t control everything. However, having a daily strategy can help to lighten the work and organization of your company. 

  1. Prioritize your team’s health

Physical, emotional, and mental health should be your primary concern as a manager of a team. 

Overworking can damage your collaborators’ mood, so you can organize some webinars to help your employees feel comfortable with their time-management and health. 

 Icon graphic image of a man finding the balance between life and work.
Finding the perfect work-life balance

6. Encourage not working after work hours

Some employees carry their work home or to work after hours to complete the deadlines. 

However, these actions cause them to become overworked and lose motivation and enjoyment in what they do.

That is why it is essential to create a work culture in which, from the onboarding, they become aware that there is time to work and time to enjoy. 

7. Work from home 

After the pandemic, most employees learned to work from home. Encouraging employees to work remotely at least once a week can help with a detox of the workplace. 

Having a different environment and a lovely pet around can positively impact every employee’s lifestyle. 

8. Pet-Friendly days 

Pet-friendly workspaces are a new trend loved by everyone, especially Millennials and the Gen Z workforce. 

Allowing your employees to bring their pets some days to the office will give them a happy atmosphere and create mental peace and productivity.

9. Vacations 

Sometimes the only way to clear your head and forget about stress is to go out to another city. It often happens that employees worry about taking vacations off because it will disrupt their workflow. Giving your employees the confidence to take their breaks to come back mentally recharged it’s the push they need. 

With the proper planning, everyone can stop worrying about a huge workload when they return.

10. Set boundaries 

It’s important to set boundaries for your fellow employees to avoid burnout. Create a culture where no one has to worry about upcoming projects or answering emails after hours. Better consider: 

  • Giving a separate computer and phone for work 
  • Setting a calendar with the working hours 
  • Selecting a specific time to close the office 
  • Offering different types of personal activities

Work-life balance involves a mixture of time management, commitment, and, most importantly, prioritization. We know that we cannot plan every aspect of our lives, but we can at least control our daily planned activities. 

Are you looking to increase employee productivity? Read more about it in this ultimate guide to increase employee productivity. 

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