The Ultimate Guide for Sending Gifts to Coworkers

Showing appreciation and recognition to coworkers it’s essential for a motivating work environment. 

Each company has its own rules and ways of recognizing employees’ good work. Some seek to use words of encouragement, some give bonuses for achievements, and others look for physical gifts that make coworkers feel proud of their excellent work performance. 

However, gifting is one of the easiest and best ways to cheer your collaborators. A great gift has the power to delight your team members by creating a positive professional relationship. 

Happy women receiving a swag gift from work
Guide for Sending Gifts fo Coworkers

We know that it’s not easy to come up with some coworkers’ gift ideas. They are hard to pick up. For that reason, we have created the ultimate guide for sending gifts to coworkers. 

Here are our best tips: 

  • Avoid pressure 

Sometimes it is common to feel pressure to give a gift at work. Either because you don’t know the collaborator in-depth or because it’s new in the team. 

To avoid such discomfort, think about neutral gifts. They are perfect for any occasion, whether to send to an employee working from home or to the office. 

It’s effortless to recognize these gifts. It can be from a coffee mug to a notebook or any office gadget. 

  • Giving gifts to colleagues 

There are no rules for gift giving. However, a protocol can help you a lot when choosing the best option for your office mates. 

  1. Avoid personal gifts—perfume, lotion, clothes, or jewelry are too personal to give to work colleagues. 
  2. Liquor it’s sometimes appreciated, however not everyone it’s into it. So, be careful! 
  3. Choose something you would like to receive as a gift. Consider the occasion, the seasonality, and the reason. This way, it will be easier to choose the perfect gift. 
  • Swag ideas, best ideas 

Letting your employee choose their gift themselves is the best option for your business. It won’t only be easier for you as a team lead, but you can be sure that each employee will be happy with their gift. 

With Swagpack, you just have to create your store, upload your artwork, add or remove items you want to have in your company store, purchase credits and allocate them to team members for swag orders. Everyone will be happy with it! 

Graphic animation of coworkers receiving a gift
Sending Gifts to Coworkers
  • Swag unmissable ideas

When choosing your products, remember to add the ones that everyone will love. The unmissable high-quality swag for your store are: 

  1. Stainless steel tumblers
  2. Canvas unisex t-shirt
  3. Microfleece pullover
  4. 50/50 Hoodie
  5. Beverage Mug 
  6. Yoga Mat
  7. Canvas tote bag

Creating a connection with your teammates is essential to develop a cozy work environment in which all employees can feel comfortable with the company. 

A gift will always motivate your team, so don’t wait until the holiday season to send some! 

To continue developing your company culture, don’t forget to read: Build your company culture through swag. 

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