How to Create the Ultimate Employee Onboarding Swag

A company must immerse the new hires in the company culture from the first day of work. 

Many businesses expect that new team members turn into professionals in a matter of days. However, it’s true that giving the new workforce generation an excellent and detailed onboarding plan is essential for retaining quality collaborators.  

The new hires onboarding it’s the process of introducing your employees to the goals, knowledge, and company’s culture. 

The human resources department mainly carries it out. However, the entire company must make the new member quickly feel at ease with the whole work team. 

Women being presented to her new teammates on the onboarding plan.
Employee onboarding strategy

The employee welcome kit must include something that represents the company. 

Company swag gifts make hires feel appreciated and ready to develop a sense of belonging in their new workspace. 

Here are three tips on how you can create the ultimate onboarding experience with a high-quality hire welcome kit

  1. Think fresh

It’s a fact that no one wants retro designs or gifts that don’t have any originality. 

New ideas for original onboarding kits emerge every day, bringing more than a smile to the collaborators’ faces. It’s not about spending a lot of money to impress the newcomers, but to show the importance of its organizational culture and how important the new team members are. 

  1. Logos? Yes, but include quotes too! 

Many things can increase productivity and mood at work, and gifting the right product with an original design is undoubtedly one of them. 

If you are looking to play it safe, add your brand to unique products. But, if you are looking for some differentiation in your hire welcome kit, don’t forget to add motivational or humorous phrases to your products. 

 Icon graphic image of a new employee joining to a team
How to create the best onboarding experience to your employees
  1. Make your employees choose what they love 

Okay, maybe you are thinking about freshness and originality, but there is only one thing that can be right to please your new teammate: let them choose what they like best! 

Yes, some will love a traditional coffee mug, some others a tumbler that functions as an office water bottle, but some others will always prefer a warm jacket regardless of the season. 

Make them choose! 

Providing company swag for employees is a great way to engage new hires with the team.

Choose the best option for your company, and surprise your employees with something unexpected. Small details always make a difference! 

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