New Hires, New Business Swag for your Collaborators

It’s never too late to refresh your company’s style. Especially with new hires on your team, new business objectives for the year, and a modern office plan. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first swag project or if you are rebranding your company, Swagpack will be the ideal ally to order your swag items. 

New hires deserve to be immersed in the company culture on their first day. There is a lot of excitement about meeting new people, the organization’s culture, and the work environment. So the best thing to do would be to exceed their expectations! 

Choosing Swagpack is choosing safe. Your team will be able to spend their swag credits on the products they’ll use the most. Once they choose, we ship it directly to your team! Lovely, isn’t it?

Graphic image of a business interview
Get your new hires new business swag

It doesn’t matter if your team is still working from home, or if employees are back at the office. You can help your recruited talent to join the team with some of these company swag ideas:

  1. First Day Swag 

Have you heard of empathy? It’s the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The first day is never forgotten, so let’s make it memorable. 

Introduce your company to the new hires with some of these swag gifts: 

  • Beverage Mug: Is there a better way to welcome your new employees than with one of the biggest daily necessities items? 
  • Classic T-Shirt: Classic never goes out of style, especially when it comes to T-shirts branded with your company’s logo. 
  • 20 oz Tumbler: Double wall vacuum stainless steel Viking tumbler with copper lining and press-in are perfect for new colleagues. 
  1. Back to the Office Swag

Corporate gifting has been around for quite some time. It’s established as a common practice for many industries worldwide. 

Reintegrating your employees back into an office after so many months of isolation is a unique event that requires more than one HR effort to make it extraordinary. 

However, giving a swag will always be an excellent idea to surprise your employees when returning to the office. 

Here are some unmissable for your swag store:

  • Twill Cap: A timeless design will give a fresh new look to all the happy souls coming back to the office to feel the old company vibes. 
  • Fleece Jacket: You may have become a bit unaccustomed to the office climate, so it’s best to always be prepared with a good jacket. 
  • Pint Glass: Simple and perfect for the water break. 
A lady smiling to the camera while working
Use Swagpack as a new Swag for your Employees
  1. A fresh start from home

More companies have opened the doors to remote employees with flexible working from home hours. 

If this is still the case for your company, and you want to keep building your remote team culture and engagement, then check these items to add them to your swag box

  • Yoga mat: Encourage your teammates to keep exercising at home with some yoga mats. 
  • Mouse pad: Complement your employees’ work area at home with a fresh touch of corporate flair. 
  • Vinyl Sticker: Stick them everywhere to achieve the perfect balance between home and the office.  

Giving business swag for your collaborators stresses how valuable your company brand is, makes employees feel like they belong, enhances collaboration and teamwork, and reinforce your company values and mission. 

It’s an investment with significant returns in numerous ways. Once you try it, you will see it. 

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