Valentine’s Day swag ideas for employees

Valentine’s Day is a special festivity to bring love and joy to all of your co-workers and colleagues. The good vibe and the feeling of togetherness are felt everywhere you go. 

Family, friends, and lovebirds take advantage of this date to surprise their loved ones with details. However, this is also an excellent opportunity to surprise your teammates with an exceptional company gift. 

Make your employees feel recognized on this date with your all-in-one solution for ordering swag. Remember that at Swagpack, you can easily create an online store. You just have to set your team’s budget and let every team member choose the swag they want. The best of all is that every order will be shipped directly to your team! 

Swag Ideas for Employees
Swag Ideas for Employees

Start by creating a new fresh design with your company logo or a special Valentine’s Day- inspired design. These are some of our best product suggestions that you can add to your store for celebrating this lovely day: 

True coffee lovers

Most office workers enjoy a delicious hot drink to start the day at the office. It is said that a person can never have too many cups in its possession, so why not add a personalized mug to your collaborators’ collection? Additionally, we have now available our 20oz tumblers, which keep liquid hot for 5.5 hours or cool for 24 hours, a perfect option as a Valentine’s Day gift too! 

To create a complete loving kit, you can add a coffee box to your extra special gift. You’ll surely conquer more than one heart in the office. 

Traveling is my soulmate 

Very surely there is more than one traveling soul among your collaborators. To further encourage that spirit, you can add some tote bags and personalized backpacks to your swag store. 

Maybe they can use them for an exclusive Valentine’s Day trip or some special team building activities. 

Valentine's Day gift
Valentine’s Day gift

Winter lovers

February is still a cold month in most of the cities. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift will include something plush and smooth. 

Add some winter essentials to your store as the comfortable North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket, the Port Authority Ladies Heather Microfleece Full-Zip Jacket, and the Canvas Long-Sleeve Tee. You must also include the Port Company Knit Caps and neck gaiters to keep the cold away! 

Your team can spend their swag credits on the products they’ll use the most. Choosing their swag ensures they’ll be happier with it.

Take advantage of these types of festivities to create stronger ties between your company’s employees. It is vital to show support and conviction to your co-workers so that they feel safe and happy to be part of your company. 

Don’t forget to also include some team building activities. Our best wishes for your team on this day full of love, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!  

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