How to celebrate Valentine’s day in the workplace or virtual office

Indeed, Valentine’s Day is usually known as a romantic holiday for sweethearts and people who are madly in love. But it’s also a lovely opportunity to show appreciation to your co-workers. 

Celebrating this day at work or by remote reunions can spark a feeling of togetherness between the team. Employees can feel rewarded, motivated, and appreciated for their hard work. 

Taking into consideration simple team activities can help the workforce to decrease stress levels, encourage productivity, and of course, increase positivity in your company. It only takes small efforts to brighten the mood during this alluring and loving celebration! 

It doesn’t matter if your collaborators are still working from home or if you are now back at the office. Here are some fascinating ideas you can try to strengthen employee engagement and to improve your team building. 

Valentine's Day in the Office
Valentine’s Day in the Office
  1. Decorate the office with Valentine’s Day Decor 

Heart-shaped decor, pink and red balloons, and small details on every desktop will create a different and sweet office atmosphere. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with joy and make everyone feel happy and accompanied during this day. 

  1. Send digital letters and gift cards 

For those who are willing to have a virtual celebration, you can create personalized letters to wish a day full of love and good wishes at everyone’s homes. As an extra reward, you can also send digital gift cards so everyone can choose their special gift.

  1. Host a breakfast or tea party

After many months of isolation, we are all wishing to spend time with people. Grab some bagels or sandwiches, fruits, and all kinds of chocolates for the office. Decorate a space with flowers and scattered paper hearts, and sprinkle some love to everyone around.

If the work at home continues to be a reality for your company, you can look for a supplier who brings breakfast to your employees’ places so that they can also enjoy a sweet morning. 

Work from Home Valentine's Day
Work from Home Valentine’s Day
  1. Prepare some swag gifts ideas

Personalize your swag store with a new cute design, and be prepared to dazzle your co-workers. Don’t forget to include mugs, tote bags, and backpacks in your store. They can be perfect for complementing an authentic and charming gift. 

  1. Valentine’s Day Happy Hour 

How about organizing a Happy Hour of sweets, cakes, and chocolates? Everyone enjoys a delicious dessert. You can also hire a mixologist to create inspired cocktails with names like Love Potion, Friendship Forever, or Friendly Productivity. This is a sincerely creative idea, and it will make everyone have a good time. 

  1. Spread the love with a Secret Cupid Exchange 

Cupid is waiting to appear during this day in a friendly way. Organize an exchange between your collaborators and make everyone get a good surprise. 

For those who are still working from home, make a wish list so that everyone can send their gift to each other’s houses! 

  1. Set a dress code for the occasion

Red outfit? Matching shirts? Pink accessories? Why not! 

Set a dress code for your teammates and prepare yourself for the photo of the year. Everyone will be jealous on social media about the unique celebration you have just made. You can also try this via remote call with all the team. 

Remember that it is vital to create strong ties with your employees. Secure communication and recognition of work is the key to making employees feel connected with the company. 

You can also make your workplace a unique and admirable space with some Valentine’s Swag Ideas. Don’t forget to spread the love even in the distance! 

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