Fun Team Building Activities for Valentine’s Day

Team building in the workplace can help a team create bonds and work together towards a common goal. 

Even the strongest teams can benefit from team building activities. They’re a perfect way to improve communication, motivation, productivity, getting to know the team personalities, morale, and learning about the strengths and weaknesses of every team member. 

Fun activities can help people to connect in a different setting. They promote teamwork, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Remember that one of the keys to success in business is having great teamwork. 

That’s why taking the opportunity to make some of these activities during special holidays like Valentine’s Day will help your collaborators to foster a better work environment and relationships. 

Valentine's Day team building
Valentine’s Day team building

Here are some of our best ideas for your team: 

  1. Chocolate guessing game

This activity will be entertaining and delicious. 

Gather in a large container different types of chocolates of all sizes and flavors. 

Place them in a visible area and add a mailbox next to them. In this box, every co-worker should write the number of chocolates they think that the container has.  

The one who guesses or who comes closest to the result will win them all! 

  1. Truth and Lies – Love story edition

Most likely you have heard of the game of two truths and one lie. 

A person must tell two truths and a lie. However, in this Valentine’s edition, someone will have to tell three love stories. Listeners will have to guess which one is a lie. It will be a very intriguing game! 

Fun team building activities
Fun team building activities
  1. Offer a meditation or yoga class

What better way to start the day at the office than with an hour of relaxation? Definitely, a meditation class will help your team to stay connected and to feel the good vibes to foster friendship in the office. 

  1. Decorate your heart-shaped cookies

Crafts encourage creativity. Buy heart-shaped cookies and decorations so that each collaborator can create their cookie. 

You can organize a contest, and the one that looks best and tastier can win a day out.

  1. Love Trivia 

Trivias are very easy to organize and bring a lot of fun. 

For Valentine’s Day, gather questions that are related to love. They can be historical facts, popular movies, poems, and songs, among others. Team up, and may the best one win! 

Working better together and having strong communication is the top reason why people love team building activities. Everybody wants to work in a friendly environment, where people feel comfortable and happy. 

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day and create the best working mood in your office. 

P.S. Don’t forget to include Valentine’s swag gifts in the celebration! 

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