New year, new swag for your Team

Kick start the year with top of the line corporate swag! A new year means treating yourself to some new gear. Let your team head back to work in 2021 feeling engaged, that is key when building a remote team culture.

The New Year is one of the best reasons to give new swag to your employees. January is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. Connect with your team during this month of hope and new beginnings. Give them something to look ahead to the future, to feel excited about. 

Happier employees work better. For real, when people are happy, they are more productive. Corporate swag provides a physical connection between people and the company they work for, which is so important in this era of social distancing, remote work, and virtual everything.

New year, new swag for your Team
New year, new swag for your Team

The Holidays were all about virtual celebrations and mailed gifts; so branded swag for this New Year requires a new level of wow factor. That’s where Swagpack stands up by providing better swag and making teams happier. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Swagpack makes it easy to shop and deliver your swag anywhere.

2020 was a tough year with so much uncertainty, changes, and situations, so we all want to move on to what’s next. Whether you want to thank your employees for staying by your side and giving their best during such tough times or if you’re looking to welcome new hires. Make them feel recognized as part of your team with cool swag!

Rely on great company swag. We don’t want you to start your year stressing out. Swagpack is your all-in-one solution for ordering swag.

Create a Positive Working Space
Create a Positive Working Space

Easily create an online store, set your team’s budget, and let them choose the swag they want. Orders ship directly to your team. No extra inventory to manage and no minimum orders required. Swagpack delivers happiness, one employee at a time.

Swag up your team! It will lead to good vibes and gratitude. Set and accomplish your goals for the New Year in a brand new outfit.

Give your team something to wear and be proud of, something that says “Hey! This is your year!”. Take care of your employees and welcome with them the New Year ahead.

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