Beat the January Blues in 4 Easy Steps

Blue Monday occurs after the festive season; it is said to be the most depressing day of the year. Most people agree that January is a pretty unhappy month.

But there’s something in particular with the third Monday of the year, better known as Blue Monday. This 2021 will take place next Monday, January 18th.

After the Christmas break is over, families go back to their routines, and people realize their bank balance has a lot more negatives than positives. It just feels like emptiness.

Beat the January Blues in 4 Easy Steps
Beat the January Blues in 4 Easy Steps

But, there is a way to deal with the January Blues! Rather than letting your employees being in a persistent low mood and having little interest in what they’re doing, you can make an impact and improve their current lifestyle. A business should recognize the risks associated with not managing employees’ health and well-being effectively.

That’s why we want to share our thoughts on how to help your employees beat the January Blues in 4 Easy Steps.

  1. Create a Positive Working Space

People spend a significant part of their lives at work, whether it is from home or at the office. So it’s important to create a space that’s comfortable and welcoming. If your staff is working at the office, you can improve the workspace by providing a selection of snacks, a comfortable seating area, or wall decorations. If your staff is working from home, which is more common these days, you probably can’t go decorate each of their homes, right? What you could do instead is to send them a package that elevates their mood and makes them set their workspace enjoyable. Try delivering a snack box, a cool notebook, or some helpful accessories for their desks or walls. You can even send coffee

Extra: For a positive environment and to reconnect with your team, schedule a meeting! Surprise them with a virtual team building activity to start off the year on the right foot.

  1. Recover from Christmas Overspending

After the Holidays, we tend to look at our finances a lot more than we usually do, especially after the gifts and food we’ve bought for friends and family.  Can you think about how your employees are going to stay focused on their work while feeling stressed about their debts? Don’t let Christmas overspending get your staff down! You certainly don’t have to be aware of the debts and finances of each team member, but if you provide your team with a financial workshop, you can help them stop over worrying about money. Since that can be emotionally exhausting, hand them a helping hand to get organized on their payments. There are professionals who offer workshops, and they can often help figure out how to pay debts according to people’s incomes. 

Shop and deliver your swag anywhere
Shop and deliver your swag anywhere
  1. Create an Employee Survey

It is a great moment to use the “fresh start” feeling to get constructive feedback. Understanding your employees’ expectations, their growth areas, and the changes they would like to see in 2021.

Better than guessing how your staff may be feeling, send a survey to see if there’s a particular situation or a red flag to consider. 

  1. Set objectives for the year ahead

Identify what are the key things to consider for this year. Such as better profit margins whilst still improving the quality of your product or service.  

Keeping objectives specific ensures that everyone will be able to understand and embrace the process. Having the goals measurable makes it easier to check on progress. You can focus on Q1 but seeing the whole picture is helpful and exciting!

Start off the year feeling good! After all, happy staff means a happy workplace, so you’re actually helping yourself too.

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