2021 Swag Trends for Companies

Statistics say that this 2021 we are going to have a more remote workforce than ever. Many companies achieved productivity and have even risen during lockdowns in 2020.

So there probably would be an opportunity to work part-time at the office and part-time at home at least for the first half of the year. Let’s help our remote workers stay connected while working from home

Have you heard of reciprocity? It’s about wanting to give something back when something is received. People tend to respond positively to a gift, even if they didn’t ask for it. By understanding this principle, businesses can build relationships that last.

Choose the right items, or even better, let your employees choose their own gift! Take a look at this list of 2021 Swag Trends for Companies and create an emotional connection with your team this year.

Yoga Mat

Regular exercise boosts our overall physical and mental health, therefore our mood and performance. People have been taking action since the lockdown and working out at home seems to be here to stay during this year. 2020 was a year of introspection and self-care. People started to look for meditation apps, wellness, and relaxation activities.

This is so powerful that might be here to stay. Brand a yoga mat and when your teammates hit the mat, they’ll have their valuable company top of mind.

Working Out at Home swag is Perfect for this 2021!
Working Out at Home swag is Perfect for this 2021!

Coffee Swag

One of the biggest daily necessities is coffee, and 2021 sure won’t be the difference. So it’s a great swag item for your team! Winter is still here, and people want to be cozy during these times. These mugs are top picks for that vibe. Your team will be grateful for some good coffee in a great tumbler to help them through their everyday zoom meetings.

Self Care

This selection is great because it gives employees items to have by their work area or to zone out after work hours.

An Accessory Pouch is large enough to keep your makeup or your phone but small enough for keeping your jewelry.

Who doesn’t enjoy filling their couches and chairs with Decorative Pillows? Throw a branded pillow at your employees’ resting area, they will enjoy the comfort.

2021 Swag Trends for Companies

Traveling Accessories

2020 was packed with remote getaways and road trips. According to Expedia’s 2021 Travel Trends Reports this year will be all about island escapes and big city trips. Give your team a Nike Performance Backpack, a Port Authority Cap, or a Full-Zip Jacket to encourage them to take some free-time and enjoy their vacation.

Face Masks

At least for the first half of 2021, you can still brand a clever mask to keep protecting your people.

Promotional Products will help you reactivate your company culture in 2021. Attract positive attention and leave a lasting impression. It’s definitely a good time to applaud your hard-working team, and best if it’s with trend swag that people actually want.

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