Holiday Swag Ideas for your Clients and Partners

The year is about to end, but not until you enjoy the best holidays of the season.

Although you may have been a little distant from your employees because of the situation that made most of us work from home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the happiest time of the year properly with your clients and partners. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to give a Christmas gift to your coworkers. Not only to show appreciation of the work during the whole year but also to keep making your colleagues feel recognized for the company. Here is when we arrive with some swag ideas for your team. 

Swagpack have for you an all-in-one solution for ordering your holiday swags. You only need to create an online store for your business. The best of all? Orders will ship directly to your team’s houses, and there’s no extra inventory to manage, and no minimum orders are required. 

Holiday Swag Ideas for Clients

We are here to deliver Christmas holiday crafts, one employee, at a time. 

There are a lot of products available in our store. You just need to upload your artwork to the products you love the most, purchase credits for your partners, and share them with your team members so everyone can choose what’s best for them. 

Here are some ideas to spread the holiday vibes with your collaborators:

  • New Era French Terry Crew

Sweatshirts are fundamental for a cold season wardrobe. Their comfort and smoothness make them ideal for working from home to use it during any occasion, either in a formal video call or a more casual one. 

This product combined with the company logo makes it an ideal swag for the holidays. 

  • Port & Company Port & Company Knit Cap

This beanie is one of our favorites for customization. 

An authentic gift for your clients and partners could be giving them a knit cap with a unique Christmas design and your company logo. It’s perfect for the cold weather and the stational snowfalls of the season. 

  • Beverage Mug 

Mugs never fail, especially in the cold season. 

Add this item to your swag store, and you’ll see that more than one of your fellow employees will choose this for their Christmas workspace from home. 

Holiday Swag Ideas for Partners
  • Accessory Pouch 

Every woman needs more than one cosmetic bag. They are made with a spun polyester exterior and black laminate interior, and it measures 12.5″ x 8.5″. The perfect swag for the holidays! 

  • Canvas Long-Sleeve T

Add a basic long sleeve t-shirt to your store, and you’ll see how much success it will have. 

Create an artwork that represents your company and the seasonality. Maybe you can add some lights, a Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath, or a more minimalist design with some fireworks. Let your creativity boost! 

  • Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jackets are absolutely exceptional for your holiday swag store. 

They will keep your team warm during the cold days because of their polyester twill-taped neck, reverse coil zipper, chin guard, bungee cord zipper pulls, and front zippered pockets materials. 

  • BAGedge Canvas Promo Tote

To finish your company Christmas store, don’t forget to add a classic tote bag. 

This item will be perfect for your employees’ shops during the holidays, maybe for the groceries of the Christmas dinner, or just as a decorating Christmas accessory. 

Remember that more time is spent working next to your coworkers than often spent with their family. They are an integral part of daily life! 

Create your holiday swag, and don’t forget to add a lovely message like: “Happy Holidays, From Our House To Yours”.

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