Best Swag Ideas for the Holiday Season

The Holiday season is the perfect time to show your staff, employees, and coworkers how much you have appreciated their work throughout the year. 

In these difficult times, we all need support and appreciation, especially if your company keeps working from home. 

There are a lot of company swag ideas that will be marvelous options to thank every member of the team in the public holidays.

Let’s spread the love and good vibes to every home with some of this swag items

Best Swag Ideas for the Holiday Season
Best Swag Ideas for the Holiday Season
  1. Drinkware

One of the most appropriate and formal swag gifts you can give to your employees for the holidays is a mug. It’s also perfect for the season because we all know that coffees, teas, and all types of prepared lattes and hot beverages are the main sensations of these coming months. 

The only thing you need to do is to create a special Christmas design with your company logo!

  1. Jackets

For the cold winter of this month, we all need a cozy and comfortable jacket to work from home. There are a lot of designs available in Swagpack from which each of your employees can choose their favorite. 

Choose from zip pullover jackets to hoodies and interlock ¼ zip, and many other options. Let each worker choose the one they like best! 

  1. Tote bag

Since people became more aware of the environmental damage caused by their waste, they have chosen to use fewer plastic bags. That’s why gifting a tote bag for the season can be an incredible idea. 

We all know that this season is full of dinners and preparations, so allow your workers the opportunity to choose this item as their gift for the season!

Swag Ideas for the Holidays
Swag Ideas for the Holidays
  1. Backpack

Backpacks are always useful for business and non-business activities. 

Now, with the current situation, some workers have opted to move to another place to work remotely while enjoying a different space to get out of the routine and the confinement of home.

The best way to move their belongings safely could be with one of these backpacks for the holidays! 

  1. All-in-one package

One of the best things about our platform is that you can let every team member spend their swag credits on whatever product they prefer. That’s why you can create an exclusive “package” of promotional items where they can choose two or three products for their holidays. 

For us, this is the best option for your team, because everyone will get what they want! 

Start creating your holiday list of promotional products, send an ecard telling your work colleagues that a new surprise is arriving soon, and enjoy the process while thanking the hard work of every member of the company! 

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