6 Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays with your Remote Team

We are now approaching to the most festive season of the year. We can feel the cold weather approaching, the taste of our favorite holiday recipes arriving, and the smell of the festivities just around the corner. 

The current situation has been longer than we expected, and it’s almost a fact that we have to celebrate the holidays with our teamwork from our homes. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great remote experience with your colleagues. There are a lot of activities to improve the work environment in this holiday season, because after all, who doesn’t enjoy the holidays regardless of where you are? 

Let’s create new holiday traditions with this virtual team building activities and ideas: 

Ideas to celebrate the holidays

Send holiday cards

Sending your remote employees and colleagues an electronic gift card is one of the easiest ways to send good wishes for this lovely season. There are a lot of templates you can use to personalize an especial message to every member of your company who has been working remotely for months. 

It’s a special and cozy detail! 

Send a holiday package with customized gifts

It’s time to surprise all your team members with a personalized package for the holiday celebrations.

Remember that not everyone wants the same t-shirts or the same hoodie. That’s why, letting the employees choose their own holiday present is like asking Santa what they want for Christmas. 

The best of all? They will receive their gift in their homes. Simple, easy, and perfect for the season! 

Plan a holiday party

This season is for celebrating all the great work from home you have been doing during the past months. And we know everyone loves a great party! 

Schedule a video meeting with all your collaborators, ask them to wear a festive dress code, send them a bottle or some aperitifs for the reunion, and prepare some activities!

You can include some board games, fun surveys, and lots of activities for creating a pleasant atmosphere! 

Host holiday competitions

To make each of your employees feel the vibe of the holidays at home, you must make some activities that bring the team together remotely. We have some excellent ideas for that.

  • Create a Christmas sweater challenge: The one who wears the ugliest Christmas sweater in a meeting will win a day off!
  • Exchange of holiday recipes: Make everyone in your team prepare their favorite recipe for the holidays. They must share it with their fellows and then have dinner online!
  • New Year Wishes: Create an anonymous survey where all the employees can add their wishes for the company next year. Create a meeting and read them all with a toast! 
Holiday ideas with your Remote team
Holiday ideas with your Remote team

Decorate your work from home space

Maybe you are already missing your office decoration this season. Encourage your partners to decor their workspace with festive elements. 

This way, they will feel accompanied during the holidays and in a festive mood while working. 

Share videos and photos of your celebration

Maybe this year we can’t make a big celebration with all of our beloved ones, but at least we can reunite with our closest family and friends. 

Share the moments you spent with your fellows with photos and videos. Digital life has helped us a lot these days! 

Holidays are perfect for creating stronger relationships with the employees or partners. Distance does not impede having a good time with the people you see every day, even remotely. 

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