5 Benefits of Working from Home with Pets

With the arrival of the work from home that was unleashed with the world contingency, the most fortunate of our home office situation were our pets. 

They used to stay alone for 8 hours a day or more, waiting for the moment when we came back home to stay simply with them. 

All of these months working remotely has taught us that having our dogs or cats as our coworkers has brought us a lot of benefits and maybe sometimes a little bit of distraction. 

However, if you are still thinking about adopting a pet now that you are spending more time at home, here are some reasons why you should do it:

Benefits of working from home with pets
Benefits of working from home with pets
  1. Decrease stress levels

Several research institutions have shown that owning a pet reduces depression and anxiety in a person. 

But, the new studies have also shown that when you work at home with a pet, it also decreases the level of workplace stress, sometimes physical or emotional. It also lowers blood pressure and some additional stress indicators. 

Next time your dog approaches you during working hours, let him stay! 

  1. Better Productivity 

Some studies said that working from home increases productivity, especially to pet-owners whose work-life keeps them away from home. 

We all tend to worry about our pets when we are not with them, but working full time at home, we can now increase our productivity knowing that our pets are well and accompanied. 

  1. Loving Breaks

We all need to take a break when we are having a hard time working or when our concentration it’s not flowing. When being in an office, it’s hard to come back home for a few minutes and then have to go back to the office. 

At the home office, you can have a great opportunity to take a break on your lunch hour to give him a short walk, to playtime, or even to cuddle while watching a show episode. It will absolutely help you to clear your mind to continue working to the fullest! 

  1. Happier pets 

Creating a pet-friendly home workspace is not only a benefit for you but your fudgy friend. 

He will become more comfortable with your company almost every time of the day, and the missing problem wouldn’t be an issue anymore for any of you. 

Both of you will now have the company that you deserve! 

Work from Home with Pets
Work from Home with Pets
  1. Happiness overloaded

Spending more quality time before, after, and even during the workday means a significant increase in happiness. 

Working from home allows you to have a calmer morning, avoiding all the traffic while going to the office. But also it makes you a more bearable Monday morning full of work and coffee with lots of wagging tails and wet noses to calm the environment. 

We are still in uncertain times. It is not yet clear when we will be able to return to work at our companies. However, a furry friend will help us get through this stage with more joy and coziness. 

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