5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Remote Team

For many of us, Halloween is not just a time of the year. It is a great time to build team spirit through fun activities.

Just because this year you might be working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the holidays. There are many easy options to celebrate Halloween with your remote team.

Take a look at these fun, easy, and engaging ways to have a spooky celebration in a virtual space:

1. Costume Contest

While some people get really into this holiday, and some don’t, it would be fun to have everyone dressing up. Imagine having your daily video calls with everyone dressed up.

While some can just wear a mask, others can surprise you with crazy hair and makeup, or even a full-body costume! Make sure to share the best pictures in your work chat group, so the team votes on the best costume.

2. Halloween Decor Contest

Traditionally in the office, you would have a desk decoration contest, right? How about taking the Halloween Office Decor to your workspace at home this year? You can even make some of your household items into Halloween Decorations!

The holidays are just around the corner! Play a scary movie or listen to a spooky playlist while decorating your home office area.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Remote Team
Halloween Remote Celebration

3. Pumpkin Carving Contest 

Find out who is the artist in your team! Encourage your team to get their pumpkins and have some fun carving them. Schedule a meeting to see everyone’s artwork and vote on the best one! 

Extra: You can offer Swagpack credits as the prize, so the winner picks their own gift!

4. Virtual Trick or Treating

If your budget allows, send some treats to your team. You can send a bunch of candy and snacks, a coffee, or go big! And surprise your team with a cozy branded swag to welcome the holiday season.

As for the trick part, you can mail a joke or prepare a challenge for your team.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Remote Team
Virtual Halloween Party

5. Virtual Halloween Party

If you are an “All of the above” kind of person, you can just wrap it all and throw a Virtual Halloween Party! You can add some Spooky Zoom backgrounds, or do a virtual haunted house tour.

If you thought you wouldn’t celebrate the spooky season with your colleagues while working from home, we hope you’ve changed your mind.

Remember it is important to create a positive company culture. Invest in your team member’s health and happiness.

Especially during the holiday season. Have a terrifyingly awesome holiday and get ready to celebrate Halloween together!

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