3 Useful Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Effective

In response to the uncertainties of these times, many companies have been working remotely most of this year. We want to share with you three useful tips to make your remote team more effective. Especially if your company will continue working from home all through 2020.

Establish clear remote-work policies and training. Achieve the engagement and productivity of remote employees! Take a look at these actions so you can achieve these without great effort.

Useful Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Effective
Make your remote team more effective

Face-To-Face Calls

Establish daily and weekly check-ins. Successful remote teams have one-on-one calls and also team calls. You can schedule them on Mondays, Fridays, or in the middle of the week. Whenever your team schedules work better.

Communication Technology

Remote workers can benefit from several options to communicate. From video conferencing to mobile-enabled group messaging (like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, etc.). There are inexpensive ways to get simple versions of functional tools for your team.

Useful Tips to Make Your Remote Team More Effective
Remote Social Interaction

Remote Social Interaction

The easiest way to practice basic social interaction is to talk about non-work stuff. Try leaving some minutes at the beginning of the weekly call to talk about each other’s weekend. Or meet virtually once a month and have lunch together, to talk about anything else. Talk about their family, partners, pets, hobbies, just as questions.

If you want to go big, you can include monthly virtual team building activities (e.g., Fun Fact Guessing Game, Gaming Session, Coffee Breaks, etc.) 

Whether you’re a director, manager, or team lead, remember to treat your team as people. Show your team you care about them,  especially during this time of social distancing.

Offer Emotional Support

Extra: Don’t forget to celebrate wins! It is a great way to bring your team together and improve company culture.

While developing remote work in these difficult times, try to be ready, and keep learning from it. Expect problems, determine workflows, and remain thoughtful to remote employees’ needs. You’ve got this!

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