3 Magic Tricks You Can Do With Swagpack

Do you want to know the best tips and tricks that can save your company time and resources? Check out these 3 magic tricks you can make with Swagpack and become the magician your team needs.

1. Walking on a Budget

Just like walking on water… Working on a budget can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Usually, when you order company swag you have to delve into your marketing budget. With Swagpack those days are over!

You can maximize your swag budget by letting employees get exactly what they want. If you are in charge of swag, you can buy credits from Swagpack and divide them into your teammates.

That way, you let your employees shop with the credits you previously allocate to them. That’s right, each team member can spend their swag credits how they want. Let them choose the right size, the color and style that matches their look, and what gives them comfort.

As the person in charge, you just have to choose the amount of credits you’d like to purchase. Then share the joy by allocating credits to your colleagues!

The main goal in the walking on water magic trick is to make an invisible platform for the audience to amaze them. Your goal is to choose swag that matches both your employees and the company’s needs. Let your team choose, but from a collection of items that you’ve previously selected

Magic Tricks You Can Do With Swagpack
Swag Trick

2. The Signed Swag Trick

The days of ordering 100 shirts when you only need 10 are over. We customize and print each product on demand. It’s like the signed card trick. But instead of signing a card, upload your company logo to Swagpack, and we’ll generate your swag store. That’s right, from one click we’ll make the magic by applying your logo to dozens of products! 

Swag isn’t about a nice branded t-shirt, great swag is about representation. Let your employees choose from a collection of branded stuff! 

Once you create your collection and upload your logo, let them choose their favorite item. No more overflowing wardrobes with unwanted swag.

Extra tip: Take your swag to another level. Focus on products that reflect core company values and culture

Magic Tricks You Can Do With Swagpack
Reflect core company values and culture

3. Underprocess Chain Escape

We want to simplify the process for you. The inventory management, packaging, branding, delivery, and quality assurance is too much. Like an underwater chain escape magic trick: the combination of the key elements makes it happen.

Our technology and integrations are the tricks. Swagpack handles the logistical hassles that would otherwise cause you problems. Let us help you with swag, so you can take care of your business

Keep your team engaged with the right swag. Join now and send credits to new members, remote teams, or outstanding employees. Too easy, too awesome!

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