How to Humanize Virtual Events

Remote work and virtual learning are not only becoming more frequent in businesses and schools around the world but are more like part of the new normal. That’s why organizations must ensure that their staff is well settled to work from home

As part of our effort to support everyone working from home, especially workers that have Zoom calls all day long, we want to share with you some tips, tricks, and more helpful things that will empower remote workers with the perfect Zoom Kit!

Brand awareness

Send swag before the conference to attendees, give your colleagues something they’ll find valuable while working from home, like a coffee mug. You can even prompt them to wear that nice branded dad hat during the event.   

Virtual Event
Virtual Event

Creating personalized Company Swag

COVID-19 has changed a lot about our lives, and that includes our grooming decisions. Since people sheltering at home can’t get haircuts, or at least not as often, we have an excellent solution: give your team a hat! Baseball caps are a great option to cover up those bad hair days in a hurry. It’s a simple solution but for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing a hat, beanies are an additional acceptable option.

Wall decor for Zoom meetings

As the world has moved, and we are working from home all day every day, our WFH setups are exposed to our clients and colleagues thanks to Zoom calls, or every other video conferencing app. Let’s lift our homes for a more stylish setting for video conferencing.

When we have maintained a physical distance between colleagues, friends, and family members, it’s nice to have things behind you or in the camera frame that show who you are. Think about some objects you can add to your space, like a canvas on the wall.

Virtual Event
Virtual Event

Add Virtual Coffee breaks to your Day

At the office, coffee breaks tend to be spontaneous, but while working from home there’s no such spontaneity. As this is actually an important part of the workday that has a straight impact on performance, try to do virtual coffee breaks regularly.

Remember, a cup of coffee can help people to connect, boost morale, and return to work with more focus. To make your coffee break even better, just make sure everyone has their coffee mug ready!

Facilitate live Q&A sessions

It can be challenging to keep an audience engaged when they don’t have a way to express their opinions live. If you have a big meeting, more than one will want to interact directly with the presenter, that’s why you should offer more than a webcast chatbox during virtual events. Discussions held within the social stream allow the audience and the event team to follow up on conversations attendees have started. 

From tech workers to customer support, most employees are having Zoom meetings all day long. Get ready for your next Zoom call with your video conference Swagpack!

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