4 Ways to Make National Boss/Employee Exchange Day a Success

What is National Boss/Employee Exchange Day about?

The Monday after Labor Day is a little known holiday called National Boss/Employee Exchange Day, this year it falls on September 14th. This day is for workers and bosses to swap roles, so they can experience how the other one spends their day in the office.

Practically speaking, when employees outnumber the one boss, switching roles may not be practical, so consider using this holiday as a way of exchanging ideas. You can make Boss/Employee Exchange Day less about doing one another’s job, and take it as an opportunity to exchange ideas. To understand the other side of the business by sharing with the team members the problems and difficulties, both boss and employees, face in the company.

National Boss Employee Exchange Day
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

With that in mind we want to share with you four ways to make National Boss/Employee Exchange Day a success:

Discuss your goals prior to exchange day

Job-swapping for a day is most effective when mutual trust and support are already in place. Provide the basics by exchanging schedules and briefing one another with enough details to allow the day to go smoothly. 

Maybe you want to understand what it’s like to be in so many productive meetings each day or learn what it takes to collaborate with other departments to develop a product. Discuss your goals ahead of time so you can prepare for success.

Communication is key

This day is for listening and learning. Communicate upfront about any decisions that need to be made during the exchange day. Discuss appropriate boundaries and expectations to ensure you both have a positive experience. Communication is one of the main keys to a successful business, and it is crucial on the National Boss/Employee Exchange Day. 

National Boss Employee Exchange Day
National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

Make yourself approachable and offer feedback

If you are the boss, have an open-door time and a suggestion box. Listen to all the concerns and feedback that your employees bring to you. Reflect on what you can improve on, and what you can do to boost your employees’ morale. If you are an employee, make sure to bring all your thoughts and concerns to your boss.

“A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could” – Charles Erwin Wilson.

Have fun and enjoy the process

By living a day in the life of a customer service representative, social media manager, retail sales associate, or whatever other roles they decide to take on, managers will truly be able to see and understand the challenges employees face. There’s a lot to be gained from seeing first hand how line-level responsibilities are affecting productivity.

Switching for the day can be beneficial to both sides. An undertaking of this nature can really help bosses to see first hand how procedures they implemented are slowing down production, and employees may be able to contribute ideas on how to help reduce the pile of paperwork on the boss’s desk.

It’s fun to try out someone else’s job for a day! Remember, the goal of this holiday is to share relevant, helpful information for the company, and not control or “spy” on your manager or employee.

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