How Leaders can Help their Teams Fight Burnout during COVID-19

While some employees are starting to find their “new normal” after months of WFH, many challenges remain. The global pandemic among the day-to-day life with new challenges each morning are the main characters in this disruption.

Companies have begun to talk openly about burnout, mental health, and workplace culture.  After about three months of this new reality, trying to adapt to working from home while parenting 24/7, plus caring for any situation when we must go outside, has had a measurable impact on employees’ mental health.

How Leaders can help their teams fight burnout during covid-19

Although it seems that things are starting to stabilize, and employees are acting with resilience and adaptation. We want to share with you 4 suggestions on how business leaders can help their teams fight burnout.

Provide obligatory planned time off. Letting workers know ahead in time they have chances to rest can help them feel determined to continue with their job until accomplished.

Recognize that things are uncertain and hard. It is essential to be a leader who talks openly and emphasizes the uncertainty of the moment, even sharing some personal vulnerability.

How Leaders can help their teams fight burnout during covid-19

Lean into culture surveys. It’s hard, yet important to keep pending of your team’s well-being during this working remotely amid COVID-19 times. Try offering a weekly or monthly survey where employees can share how they feel. It can be anonymously so staff members feel comfortable being honest.

Reserve a time to discuss hard topics. If your company offers sick leave, managers could clarify that this can be applied for mental well-being. It’s on the cards that employees come back more energized, productive, and appreciative of your companies caring as a result.  

While your company might have taken some hits during this pandemic, we must start to pick ourselves back up. Let’s try to keep our staff members engaged with their work even as COVID-19 continues to modify our community.

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