7 ways to Celebrate Wins with your Remote Team

Did you know that what most employees miss the most about going to work is to be around people? Working next to the team makes it easier to feel motivated and get pumped at work. Also, some after-office events are important to bond with the team and gain a better appreciation of the work they do.

Meeting a deadline, hitting a goal, or finally getting that project finished and released, is a feeling that you can’t compare. Understanding the hard work that you and your team have put into a project comes to an achievement, is fulfilling, and it’s expected to want to celebrate.

7 ways to Celebrate Wins with your Remote Team

With the norm of remote work, the way to bond with the team and celebrate project successes has changed, but even though it can be challenging, it can be as effective! Here are some virtual team celebration ideas:

1. Have a Virtual Party

It’s pretty simple. Send out the invite -try to make it after work hours- and get everyone to log in and celebrate the teams’ achievements via Zoom, Hangouts, or your usual video chat software.

You can get your team in the party mood by asking them to dress for a night out and have the drink of their choice. Or you could order a pizza for each team member and have it delivered to their home.

To complete the party experience you can prepare a few virtual games or send the link to a party playlist. Having everyone share a similar physical and virtual experience will definitely be a remarkable remote team celebration.

2. Send Some Swag

Everybody loves the feeling of getting a physical gift for their outstanding performance. Having a tangible reminder of hard work and dedication is a great way to strengthen team engagement. 

Use your budget to buy gifts to be delivered to your team. With Swagpack, you can give your team a budget and let them choose something for themselves. 

Extra tip: Set up a video call for the following week to check out what everyone purchased.

3. Awards

Have you thought about sending out an actual trophy? Giving something to memorialize a win is a great way to keep employees motivated. You could even send the same award to everyone or engraved each trophy to personalize them. 

Recognize your employees who went the extra mile to complete projects or submit deliverables. Acknowledging an employee’s efforts during a virtual team meeting and then sending an award is a great combination to celebrate project achievements.

4. A Day Off

Granting a day off is the ideal reward after your team completes a tough project. The team can take turns on availing their time off so the business flow won’t be a problem. Best of all, your team will come back rested and relaxed, a great productivity boost!

7 ways to Celebrate Wins with your Remote Team

5. Setup a Kudos Channel

At the office it is easy to go to your team’s desk and have a word or an act of appreciation and recognition. When working from home, you need to consider the team communication tools to make this happen. Set up a kudos channel so team members can easily send recognition to each other for an achievement. 

6. Team Retreat

For the really, really big wins, how about getting your entire team together in one place so you can all celebrate in person? If your company can afford it, have a retreat with your team to celebrate your project’s achievement. Pick a convenient location and bring the team in. Make time to celebrate, get to know each other, and have a good time!

This is a magnificent way to not only celebrate project success but also solidify the relationship between team members. There’s nothing like an all-expense-paid trip to let your team members know that their efforts really matter. 

7. An experience

After a big win, reward your team with an unforgettable experience. Some great options may include:

  • Dinner at a good restaurant, or deliver at home from that good place.
  • Tickets for the whole family to a theme park, water park, zoo, etc.
  • Passes to a local or virtual event.

The options are nearly limitless. You’ll need to research alternatives in each employee’s general environment, and don’t forget to personalize the happening to your employee’s interests. Your company’s effort will be worth it when your employees share pictures of their unforgettable experiences.

While you plan your next project, set aside resources to also plan on celebrating with your team as soon as the project comes to a close. Project fulfillment is an important event for any team. You can always start small by setting up a kudos chat and allowing time during team meetings to recognize their efforts. When you’ve got more resources to send credits for their swag, awards, and even have team retreats, then go for it!

The effort you put into making sure your remote team members are engaged and motivated will be distinguished. Taking this time helps the team to reset and set their effort on more wins for the projects to come.

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