Swagpack as a Remote Culture Builder

Some companies are starting to reopen after weeks of sheltering in place, but many organizations are being encouraged to maintain working from home for public safety.

To continue with this remote working mode, have you wondered how to make your remote team members feel connected with the company culture?

While productivity levels are reportedly effective at this time, and the work keeps moving onward, the impact of the company may not. What can you do? Send swag to those who mean the most, your crew!

Swagpack as a remote culture builder

The main benefit of well-defined company culture is increased staff engagement. When employees feel like they belong they are happier, and that makes them more committed and productive; it also improves team retention.

Building a sense of belonging is particularly important with homes replacing offices. How can you bring some of your history and values into your employee’s homes? Branded merchandise like a baseball cap for the home team, a coffee mug, or a backpack with several items could all be answers to that question. Hoodies, T-shirts, and mouse pads are all ways of keeping your spirit front and center.

If your company has tools for collaboration and fun like a Facebook Page or Slack chat, send a selfie with your favorite swag, then ask your colleagues to use their swag creatively and share their pic with the rest of the team! If you see your team sharing their bonding over the items, you’re definitely building a culture remotely!

A plus is to find your colleagues wearing the company swag in virtual meetings!

building a culture remotely

There is so much your organization can do to keep employees feeling connected to a team, as we grow more to distance working. 

This is a significant moment that will be remembered, and you sure want your organization to be identified in a positive way! It’s these gestures that can go a long way toward building culture while your organization does the safe thing of staying the course and working from home.

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