Swag for Caring your Employees during the Pandemic

As an employer, taking care of your team members should be a high priority. Show your gratitude, especially during these stressful and uncertain times amid the pandemic.

Coming up with swag ideas can be tricky, especially when working from home. Take it as an opportunity to be original about engaging ideas!

Work From Home Office Gifts

Send desk essentials swag to your employees to help them stay productive while working from home. Post-its kit, a mouse pad, or a coffee mug to organize their workspace and prioritize daily tasks!

Swag for caring your employees during the pandemic

WFH Apparel

While office-related gifts are helpful, sometimes at-home comfort can boost productivity! A North Face Sweater Fleece Jacket or a T-shirt is always an appreciated addition to your company’s swag collection. Remote employees want to feel comfortable at home, while also representing the company they are proud to be working at.

Care Package

Sending a thoughtful care kit is guaranteed to increase spirit amongst your team and enlighten their day. It is great for helping them stay safe while getting some fresh air or running an errand!

Or if your partners think it’s better to get that fresh air and strengthen their body at their garden or indoors, send a Yoga Mat!

Swag for caring your employees during the pandemic

Show your appreciation to your employees, and keep morale from dropping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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