How to choose your Company Swag during COVID

Company swag is not the same for all businesses, and it’s a bit more limited at this time. Many offices put up with low-quality swag, usually because the person responsible for ordering it doesn’t know any better.

There’s a noticeable difference between being thoughtful with your company swag items and just placing your company logo on the cheapest thing you can find.

Investing in high-quality swag has the potential to build awareness and strong company culture, especially while working remotely.

Choose your Company Swag during COVID

We want to share with you 3 tips to make sure you are ordering quality company swag amid this COVID time.

  1. Make sure it’s properly made

Quality matters whether it’s a t-shirt, stickers, or a mug, you have to make sure that after one use it won’t start falling apart.

  1. Think outside the office

Work is the main reason why they’re with us and it’s always nice to have a pen, but employees have lives, and it’s in this times of working from home and spending the rest of the day at home where we can get creative and think of their daily activities and hobbies, like watching Netflix, trying out some recipes, or working out at home. This is a lot more fun way to be remembered and your brand can get exposed to more people.

  1. Considered details

A health care kit can be truly appreciated now, custom branded face masks are very popular items as company promotional. Or consider something for their family, whether it’s their kids, husband, or pets, employees would feel that you actually care for their whole well-being environment.

Choose Company Swag during COVID

Remember, when planning your company swag be sure to think of everyone. Having options is a way to promote inclusion and make sure everyone feels valued and considered. With Swagpack you can let your employees choose their own swag so you don’t have to overthink it.

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